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Mai 14th, 2014

Last Tests Before Multiplayer Alpha Release

Multiplayer Alpha is around the corner. Apart from patching some things for the ADAC GT Masters competition, our full focus is Multiplayer so in this blog, I’ll take the opportunity to call for help before we go live with MP Alpha.

Calling Old Closed-Beta Testers

About one and a half years ago before we launched R3E, there was a closed beta period where we had invited a hefty number of people to join and help us test things before we pushed the launch button. We now need something similar in a smaller scale.

In order to test server load and how it affects R3E servers in general, we really want to stress test it in a test environment before going live. We’re doing this at some capacity already but now we need some numbers to simulate more realistic scenarios of network traffic and server load usage.

Because of this, we would like to invite players who were part of the closed beta. I know it’s been a while but hopefully some of you will be able to join and help us out :).

So how do you know if you were one of those players. Players who have an application called RaceRoom Racing Experience WIP (Work in Progress) in their Steam library were part of the closed beta. You probably removed its files because it hasn’t worked since the closed beta closure.

We will set things up so that the R3E WIP application will run Multiplayer Alpha in a test environment for a few days. Once we get the results we need, we will remove the build again.

This is not for everyone. This is for players who really can and want to help us out for a very short time. We are asking you to download an entire game and help us test by playing DTM Multiplayer in an environment that might become unstable at times. Things might break, there might be glitches, and various bugs. When things work though, the video below somewhat sums up the experience.

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